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Holding Period Return and TVM

Someone actually phoned me up and asked me how to solve not one, but 3 CFA questions. I had blogged about passing the CFA Level 1 exam, but that doesn’t mean I have all the answers. I dug out my calculator and doubled checked formulas and answered the questions.

Can someone check that I’m close to correct?

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None of you have any thoughts about a guy reading my blog, then calling me up on Monday morning to ask me about some CFA problems he was stuck on, he wasn’t even sure which formula to use… Was it all a prank, I do have his name and gmail address and if I bothered to pay for call display I’d have his phone number…

Anyone, Bueller?

name and shame!…chances are he found this forum right after asking you about some stuff and decided not to respond to your help?…to make you feel better : nice blog muskie.


You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

I told him to come to this forum, did I at least answer the questions correctly? The third one I was less sure plus I haven’t done any of these questions in over a year, had to dust off my BA II Plus.

You have to do a lot more than phone me and ask a question for me to name and shame. I’m not completely above it, I just don’t understand why you would look at the resume of a blogger and then call them with a question when email and even web comments are available to you. People contact me fairly regularly through LinkedIn about something they read on my blog…

It wasn’t hard for him to find my email address.

I’ll just laugh it off, but I’m not making a habit of spending my Monday mornings answering random CFA practice problems. Google is your friend.