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how many mocks are shown in your candidate resources?

Please can any one tell me how many mocks are shown in your candidate resources? I have One AM one PM and one AM PM mock exam. I clicked one and there was acceptance so i closed it which is not appearing now. Please tell how many mocks/practice exam are there in your account ? 10 Practice topics 1 Am mock 1 Pm mock 1 Am/Pm mock. Is this all in candidate resources?

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You are correct that is all that is in the candidate resources.  However, you can actually take these assessments multiple times.  Some of the questions may be repeats on the second go around but I have noticed that not all of the questions are the same.  

DISCLAIMER: The above example is likely an oversimplification and was done to help. Yes, there is some asinine scenario Bill will come up with in order to nit pick the above. Sorry in advance to the candidate that I intended to help.