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L1 CFAI mock scores

How well do you have to do on this mock to pass? I’m got a 75 on the mock and 76 on the topic tests but I’m worried the real exam will be worse. For those who have passed, what was your experience? For those sitting with me how are you scoring and what are you doing to help your weak areas? My plan is to just go over the topic tests and mock exam once more time. I did 6 schweser mocks also. Scores ranged from 70 on the first to 81 on the last. Thanks in advance.

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youll be fine, everyone aims for 70 but I think the true MPS is around 65-66% - I am scoring in the same range and feel pretty confident, finally broke 80% on a mock today. Ive done 5 -1/2 mocks. I plan to do 1-2 more, a few TTs and then just go over notes and ethics. 

Just keep the confidence up and make sure you get a good sleep. 

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Hey guys,

I’ll pretend to be a qualified source since I passed with 70+ every section, but don’t take my advice as the only advice. I think you are both honestly fine. I couldn’t tell you what my guess of the MPS is, but after hearing from plenty of people I would guess that a fail is about 5 sections under 70+. If you get a 50-70 in FI or FRA then obviously that is a bigger hit, so maybe a 50-70 in fra and 3 other sections constitutes a fail.

You guys are almost there, now is time to just get confident, you learned all you could and the next few days won’t do much (Except for ethics). Compare your scores to mine and you will understand why I think you will both be fine:

Schweser mocks: First test was a 63, progressively worked through 6 tests and got a highest of 75%. (Got 3 in the 70s, other 3 in the 60s)

CFAI Mocks: Did one AM and one PM, 68% on the AM and 78% on the PM (Did AM a week or two before PM, and did PM about a week before the exam.)

Topic Tests: Visited each one about twice, usually ranged between 60 on first attempts, to a max of around 80 closer to test date. If I was to guess an average, I would say about high 60 to low 70.

Same here, I’ve been averaging around 75% on the Schweser Mocks with scores varying between 70% and 90% on the topic tests. Managed to break the 80% barrier on the last Schweser mock. One more mock to go, and then lock and load for the actual thing.

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Average around 77 % on CFAI mock exams. Still very nervous because i feel that many question are repeated, thus leading to an improved score..

In order (first to latest exam)
2013 AM 80 %
2013 PM 72 %
2017 AM 69 %
2016 AM 73 %
2015 AM 85 %
2015 PM 82 %

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All your scores look good! 

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Here are my mock scores for the CFAI exams:

2013 Afternoon: 74.17%
2017 Morning: 56.57%
2017 Afternoon: 69.17%
2013 Morning: 72.50%
2012 Morning: 70.83%
2012 Afternoon: 73.33%
2011 Morning: 73.33%
2011 Afternoon: 75.83%
2010 Morning: 66.67%

My weakest areas are Econ, FR&A and Derivatives. I’m planning on continuing to study my flash cards off of notes I made from what I missed on the above exams and continue to do more practice exams to make sure I have the concepts down well.

@Swe_Viking: I wouldn’t be worried about the exam at all with your scores. Even with repeated questions those are definitely some solid numbers to be walking into the exam with.

I’ve only been using Schweser Mocks. Here are my scores:

  • V1 Exam 1 Morning: 60.83%
  • V1 Exam 1 Afternoon: 66.67%
  • V1 Exam 2 Morning: 62.50%
  • V1 Exam 2 Afternoon: 75.00%
  • V1 Exam 3 Morning: 70%

I’m probably going to try and squeeze in one more and then just review notes and wrong questions at this point. 

My main worry is keeping up with time. Have any of you struggled with getting through the Schweser mocks w/in the 3 hours? I always find myself going 15-20 min over.

I usually finish a little early. Try not to spend too much time on long questions. If I’m spending too much time on one question I’ll usually rule out one choice and guess,  then go back to it when I’m done. I’m also guessing/hoping the actual exam won’t ask pointless questions like what is the variance of these 10 returns, like schweser does. I think it’ll mostly give variables and ask for an interpretation. 

I’m finding it weird, I’ve now done 18 individual 3 hour exams and find myself averaging around 75/76%, but having about 90 minutes left over - admittedly without a thorough check of every question.

Slightly worried I’m going to have too much spare time in the exam and second guess too many questions, and it’s probably a bad thing we’re not allowed to leave the exam early…

Was scoring between 52-58% for schweser mocks Vol 1 3 weeks ago. And scoring around 67-70% for Vol 2 last week. Scored 67% for the CFAI 2017 mock I took 3 days ago.

Don’t know if these scores are any indicator about the exams but I’m slightly panicked, with reading people averaging high 70’s and 80’s right now.

Mind The GAAP wrote:

I couldn’t tell you what my guess of the MPS is, but after hearing from plenty of people I would guess that a fail is about 5 sections under 70+.

Not really.One of my colleagues passed the June 2016 exam with only 70%+ in only 2 sections-equity and Corporate finance. She even got less than 50% in economics. This was her second attempt. In her first attempt, she only got 70%+ in only one section-equity.So in her second attempt, her only improvement(that we could clearly see) was in corporate finance-moved from 51-70% to 70%+.

Another colleague of mine who sat for the June 2015 exam(second attempt) passed with the following band scores: 3 70%+, 3 less than 50% and the rest between 51-70%.

All you can do is to try your best, right?

If you score 50% on your mock the day before the exam, i would still suggest you to go sit the exam. Conversely, if you are scoring 80% on your mock 2 months before the exam, i would still continue to study so the materials remain fresh on the exam day…

Just aiming a % on a mock means nothing.