This was the answer for a question on IFRS vs GAAP. Part in bold is the section I am not understanding:

The IASB requires management to consider the framework if no explicit standard exists on an issue, but FASB does not require this. The FASB framework states different objectives for business and non-business financial statement reporting; the IASB framework has one objective for both. In the FASB framework, relevance and reliability are the two primary characteristics, while the IASB framework also lists comparability and understandability as primary characteristics.

In the material (Schweser) I have seen in regards to this topic, I haven’t seen a distinction between IASB versus FASB in characteristics. What I have seen is primary characteristics are faithful representation and relevance; and enhancing characteristics of comparability, verifiability, timeliness, and understandability

1. Is there a difference between IFRS and GAAP in regards to primary characteristics?

2. Why were only select items from the Schweser material (bolded in my response) listed in the response?