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Analyst Prep - Any good

I got an email from Analyst Prep offering a package for 100 bucks 

I mainly want it for the Qbank, has anyone ever used this? I dont want to get it only to find out all the questions are lob balls. I want to be challenged

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I bought it.. and it`s not worth it.. there have tons of  mistake… 

Sorry to hear but thankful for the response.

Best of luck to you!

I can’t speak for their Qbank but I have been using their mock exams along with Schweser’s and can’t really complain.

Well, I bought the qbank and I’m pretty happy with it.

I have used AnalystPrep’s questions on my site and contracted with them to supply mock exams. We have never seen worse question writers. Over 30% error rates, not just in calculations, but a fundamental lack of understanding of the content. One of the creators told me he had passed all 3 Levels of CFA – that was a lie. They attempted to submit content for Level 2 and it was clear that these were nothing more than a collection of C- students that most likely failed their Level 1 exams and somehow think they are qualified to write content. In my professional opinion, anything you pay this site is a complete waste of money. They are the epitome of the Dunning-Kreuger effect – incompetent and unaware of it. Be warned – you are just wasting money on a group of unqualified students. There are no bumper stickers on their mother’s vans.

I have used analystprep for CFA level 1 last year and passed. I didn’t use their study notes, but the question bank is great and the mock exams are pretty hard.

I am now using them for CFA level 2 and it seems to be representative of what you learn in the books. The price is like one-fifth of the Schweser Qbank, so it was a reasonable option for me.