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what strategy should I take for retake

Hi guys

I have failed the level 1 exam in December. I have decided to retake in June. but since it is retaking, i had a thought of method i should use to better revise. I have listed as below, would you think that is a good strategy?

Go through the lecture video and the notes, comprehensive the notes ( finish in 2 weeks)
 Do the question at the end of the chapter after review notes and video. Do CFA Curriculum
question first
 From week 3.. do the CFAI portal questions in the weekday then do at least one mock during
the weekend and review the performance
 Repeating the mock process to find the weak area and keep go back to review notes and
readings to help retention of memory
 Complete all the mock paper include Kaplan and CFAI
 Aim to finish 2 rounds of mock paper

Priority of module revision

 Quant
 Economics
 Ethics
 Fixed income
 Equity
 Portfolio
 Corporate Finance
 Alternation
 Option



"Using Wiley for my CFA journey was by far the best option… I was able to pass on my first attempt.”– Moe E., Canada

IMO, it only makes sense to redo the whole curriculum if you scored less than 70% in every topic. 

Assuming you didn’t, start by focusing on the areas you’re weakest.  You’ll probably already know these, but if not, refer to the lowest scores from the exam results.

Start with questions in these areas.  Check every answer (after attempting the questions of course) and try to understand why that is the right answer.  Refer to the text for a better understanding.

Hi, i did score lower than 70% in more than half of the module. I guess focus on the weak areas and improve it and retake test and repeat the process are the common sense for the revision.