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Asking for a friend...

So my friend decides to take the CFA Level I this June. But due to personal circumstances, has just finished Schweser Book 1. Do you think she can cram the next two months considering that she has a full-time job? Should she just go nuclear and do Schweser Secret Sauce + QBank + Mocks?

What stages are people in at this point?

(I took the test a few years ago, with a longer study period so I don’t think my experience is very relevant to her situation.)

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I believe it’s do able, but it depends how bad she wants it. 

I spent the past few months getting through the big CFA books - which are great if you’re keen to learn, but I’ve now switched to the KS guides to save time. The KS guides really gut out the jargon and give you the exam related content. This is great for people in the same situation as her. 

If she spends the majority of her weekends studying, I.e. Saturday and Sunday both from 10am-10pm, takes study leave close to the exam and then gets through the QBank, I think she’d be fine? Of course, while fitting in min 2 hours a night weekdays. 

tl;dr - I’m finishing the 5th book moving onto the 6th, and then I’ll be spending the rest of my time on exam questions.

This is just my view though. Best of luck with your decisions!