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Anyone have any idea what score to shoot for on the practice exams?  I have done 6 so far and plan to do at least 2 more.  I typically score in the low 70’s.  I am taking both Schweser and CFA institute online mocks and generally find the latter to be more difficult.  However, even when I take a test, score in the 70’s I study what I got wrong but still don’t seem to break 75 on the next test.  I was really shooting for an 80 to feel comfortable but does anyone know what score should make you feel comfortable to pass?  

Disclaimer, I took level 1 twice 5-6 years ago and didn’t pass.  I took a few years off and decided to give this another try.  I might be a bit too nervous about passing this time due to past experience.  

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If you are scoring mid to high 70s, uyou will do well.. Probably top 90%tile.

If you’re scoring high 60s, you’ll be okay.

Do they give you a grade eventually? Or just tell you whether you have passed or failed?

I think they just tell you pass fail.  If you fail, they give you more details such as which band you are in (how close you were to passing).

They have a new performance presentation  system that started last December. 

Below is a sample from CFAI site.

  • You have the dark blue is where you score
  • The light blue shaded area is the confidence interval, meaning, if you were to take the test again you would fall within that confidence interval, depending on slight differences in material/content
  • The dashed purple on top is the top 90%’tile
  • The solid gray line is the 70%’tile
  • The dark dash is the bottom 10%’tile
  • Only the overall score shows an MPS line (which isnt in the example below)

Try to stay above the blue dash :)