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How'd you guys find it?

I found AM to be of similar difficulty to the mocks and PM to be definitely harder. 

Was sure of probably 130-140 out of the 240 questions. Assuming I get 1/3 of the rest right, that should put me slightly above 70%. I pray to God I get at least 33% of them right though. 

Hated Ethics, Econ and Fixed Income.

Note: Don’t discuss specific questions!

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FRA was simple and straight from books for both am and pm. But i found ques on derivatives and FI to be difficult..did lot of guessing.

felt more pressure during the real exam and lost initial 15 min in getting focus ..disappointed..

It was ok, definitely easier than the mocks. I just hope I did not make any stupid mistakes. I should be fine. 

Found the mocks way easier man. 

Hope we both pass though!

plz, which mocks did you mean?

Things will workout

cfageist wrote:

It was ok, definitely easier than the mocks. I just hope I did not make any stupid mistakes. I should be fine. 

the mock from which provider please?


Things will workout

I felt actual exam was easier than CFAI mocks and Schweser Mocks. Schweser mocks were harder than CFAI mocks and actual exam. 

I thought Ethics was hard. Despite preparing for it really well (or so had I thought..) I found myself 50/50 on a few too many questions. Not sure what I could’ve done different there. 
do you guys know when we can expect the results?

I think it takes 2 months for results.

I found the actual exam easier than the CFAI mocks.

That being said, I found the AM pretty difficult, specifically Ethics, FRA and Fixed Income. 

The PM I found a lot better. 

Think I’ll only pass if everyone else felt similarly about the AM. 


I found that the same way. AM and PM sessions were about the same level of difficulties. However, I do feel that AM session was a little bit easier than the PM session. I also feel that the exam was easier than the Mocks. Hope I will pass. 

It was less hard than mocks .BUT I did a looot of mistakes and I am sure I will fail because of those errors …I will take it again in December. I was so sad because of having done such errors 

I think I won’t wait for the results to start studying because results will only be at the end of August and the exam 1st december. So,  only 3 months left …sept/oct/november. …

I was so disappointed in myself. I went about preparing for this exam the incorrect way. I felt the exam was fair but I focussed heavily on exam papers and not much on the content. I realized you need a good understanding of all the content. FRA was fair - derivatives and Fixed income was tough.

subsequently I had to guess a big part of the paper.

I am reviewing my strategy for the DEC sitting as I messed up this exam. from a ‘covering the content’ perspective - what is your thoughts on the KAPLAN study guide for a comprehensive overview of all the concepts and theory?

I realized that one cant skim over the content.

I felt the exam was fair. IMO it was not purposely designed to screw candidates.

I felt I did well throughout but at some point, my perception was skewed. I lost track of how many I was absolutely sure about, how many I was 50-50 and I also had to guess a couple due to a time constraint. 

I am having a hard time assessing my performance but certainly, I did not feel frustrated nor defeated at any point during the exam.

Morning session was much easier compared to the official mock exams, afternoon session was a bit harder I think (had to read some questions twice in order to get to the right answer).

Coming from someone who had an average score of 80% on practise tests and mock exams, I expect a hard pass.

My experience too but I’ve seen a lot of people say the PM was harder and that was not my experience. The AM crushed my soul. The PM, I was done with 30 mins to spare. 

I found the exam surprisingly easy

only used material provided by cfa and free stuff found on yourube

The exam was definitely not as tough as the mock exams, and I found the AM paper easier compared to the PM paper. All the same, I believe its a pass for me.

Hi, how long it took you to comprehend all CFA material for Level 1. Did u have a particular academic and/or professional background in the industry prior to exam?


- AM session was SLIGHTLY easier than PM session
- I found CFAI mocks to be either same difficulty, or slightly harder than actual exam 
- The questions asked were quite fair. 

I would also assume that you shouldn’t reveal which topics were on the exam in addition to specific questions.

alcor wrote:
I would also assume that you shouldn’t reveal which topics were on the exam in addition to specific questions.

Why assume it?

2018 Level I CFA curriculum, volume 1, reading 3, p. 194, 1st paragraph, 2nd bullet point.

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