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What to focus in every Study Session

Hey guys.

I have been studying this last week for the CFA Level 1 Exam in December, and I started with Study Session 2 (Quantitative Methods). I know I have a target number of hours to study until the exam (around 300 hours), but that depends on how much time I spent in the study sessions. Some study sessions I will spent more (if I don’t know much about an specific subject) and some less time.

Should I have an specific way of attacking the materials every time that I study? Should I be worry to understand every concept that I read and retain everything or just focus to understand and check with the “concept checkers” from Schweser?

Thanks in advance!

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Honestly, the only thing you can do is read and do EOC questions. Also, Mark Meldrum videos are helpful but knowing what I know now. I would personally have read the books, done the EOC questions. Then during the review phase, gone over Mark Meldrum’s videos and I would do the blue boxes. Then do a mock every weekend starting two months before the exam. I feel I wasted far too much time trying to perfect certain topics yet ended up forgetting them anyway.