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CFAI EOC: Before final review?

Hey guys.

I’m studying with the SchewserNotes and doing all of the EOC after every reading. I haven’t touched the EOC questions from the CFAI, but I would like to know if it is a good strategy to save those questions for the last month of review or should I be doing them in conjunction with my study now?

Thanks in advance.


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Do the CFAI EOC questions now and do them more than one time.  Read every answer explanation and understand the reason for the answer. Also, do the examples in the blue boxes throughout the CFAI material.  I like Schweser products, but their EOC questions in the notes are too straightforward IMO.  CFAI questions are the best resource.  Good luck. 

Agree with the above.  When you do them a 2nd time, make sure a decent amount of time has past, say 2 months or more, as I find that doing them again too soon isn’t necessary indicative of learning but potentially just remembering the previous time you did the questions. 

For the last month of review, you should be doing the CFA online topic tests, q-banks, practice tests and the mock exams.  There should be more than enough material to go through for most people.

Thank you for your responses!