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ADVICE needed !!!

Hi guys, need some words of advice/encouragement. 

I failed the June CFA exam being just under the MPS. I got back up - started studying again right after results was released and a couple of weeks ago I started past papers. I did one CFAI paper and 3 Kaplan Papers - scored on average 70%.

I felt that I was definitely in a better place compared to June and decided to test myself today in the live Kaplan online exam.

I failed horribly - scoring 52%  

positives from this - I was fine with the two 3 hour papers.

I have a great tool in reviewing the crucial topics I got wrong. 

BUT the question is : Is the Kaplan live exam notoriously difficult or am I in big trouble?

anyone on this forum that failed the exam in the past prior to actually passing the CFA L1 exam two weeks later?

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Your averages look good. Not much you can do about the outliers, unfortunately. If you’re able to perform near the level of your average across the mocks on exam day, I’m sure you will pass. Best of luck! 

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You still have the most valuable 2 weeks of study to come. So chill, review the weak bits and get focused on them.

Always going be exams that don’t suit your strong points but you have time!

I always found the CFAI mocks to be good indicators of performance.  If you score 70 or above on CFAI mocks for L1 and L2, you’re going to almost certainly pass.

On L3, you should be mocking 80 or above to pass (on the multiple choice) to compensate for the morning essay mayhem.

In my experience, CFAI mocks tell the tale.  Don’t know about all that Kaplan nonsense (I never took those) but if you’re scoring good on CFAI mocks then you’re in good shape most likely.

…I must add - the informative kaplan videos explaining the questions post mock exam is very informative - great tool for final prep. 

@ Topperharley. I couldn’t agree more. Especially with regards to L3. Had my highest scoring mock ever (Never scored higher on L1 or L2 mock and felt like i crushed it with a 73% on L3 Mock) but failed due to the essay portion.