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CFA Mock scores 2 weeks out

Hi all,

First post, nice to “meet” you all. Just wondering how everyone else is getting on with mocks.

Done 2 CFAI mocks in exam conditions: 74% and 65%. (never below 50% in a topic)

And 3 AnalystPrep mocks: 79%, 69% and 74%. (never below 50% in a topic)

Just wondering how that compares and whether its a good sign?
Also does anyone have any experience with AnalystPrep? (I know a lot of people use other providers, but they were good value for money (maybe) and they have a huge question bank (3000+) and mock exam bank (8))

I still need to tighten up on some Econ and FRA but just want to see how everyone is getting on with 2 weeks to go! indecision

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Those are all good scores you can be confident about going into exam day. Keep up the pace and you should be fine. Best of luck!

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Consistent 70+ on CFAI is the safe haven for passing.

And don’t count on your Ethics score being as good on the real exam as it is on mocks.  Ethics is a crap shoot and, while extremely important, cannot be relied on as a ‘go to’ topic for a good score.