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Mock exam

What did you guys get on CFA mock exams?

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Mock C AM - 75%

Mock C PM - 71%

I did the second CFA1 mock, scored > 70% on morning paper , the afternoon paper was a whole other level of difficulty!!!! 

I did the morning session and got 56% only surprise, these were my scores: Ethics- 83%, Quant- 67%, Eco- 67%,FRA- 50%, CF- 22%, PM- 63%, Equity- 33%, FI- 58%, Deri.- 20% & AI- 60%. I think I gave too much time to Ethics (approx. 35 minutes). I’m yet to give the afternoon session. Although, I don’t think I’m out of the scene as of now, I feel I should change my strategy (at least time allotment) a little bit to pick it up with FRA & CF specially. what do you think guys, anyone with a suggestion would be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I took all the mocks from the CFAI site. Been getting 60-68%. After retaking them my scores went up to 80-85%. Does retaking an exam help?