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Level 1 Schweser Notes Study Advice

I’ve been studying for level one since early-mid November, however feel like I’m not studying efficiently/getting the most out of the time I’m putting in. 

My study routine is straightforward, read the text and take notes in a notebook. In the beginning, I was going back and re-reading all my notes until I mastered everything, but quickly realized I would never make it through all the material that way. 

My plan was to get through all the text by eary/mid-March and then strictly study only practice problems from there on out. My issue with this is I feel like I’m only scratching the surface when I’m reading the text and not retaining as much as I would like. 

Does anyone have any advice or a sort of play-by-play of how I should be utilizing Schweser Notes? Maybe a routine that they found beneficial?  

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I started studying about a week ago. I’m shooting to put it at least 2 hours a day of work. I’m reading a section of the SchweserNotes followed by the module quiz. At least 2 hours a day. I may or may not watch the video at the end of the reading. So far I’m doing well. Started studying on Dec 21, and I will start reading module 9.1 tomorrow. 

Hey, firstly don’t stress too much about time remaining just yet - you’ve done yourself a service getting started this early and still have ample time remaining until the exam in June. In my opinion the key to LI is simply to just get through the material as soon as you can, then focus on solving practice problems and exams - this is exactly what Schweser is useful for. 

The first thing that I would do would be to work backward from your target date of mid-March; figure out how many days you have remaining to study the curriculum, then break those days up over your remaining topics based on exam weighting, length of the topic in the curriculum, and perceived difficulty. Set up a calendar around these completion goals and hold yourself accountable to it. Do the EOC questions as you go (both Schweser and CFAI).

Come mid-March, once you’ve completed all of the readings, it’s time to start hammering through as many practice problems as you can. I personally think it’s beneficial to do a practice exam straight away (even just half the exam - ie a single session) to identify your weaknesses and strengths. This is where you kick off the revision properly - revisit your notes, Schweser and the CFAI books for any sections that you weren’t nailing (possible that there will be a lot at this stage but don’t worry, you will have loads of time up your sleeve to recover). Go through the BB examples for any particularly weak sections, re-do the EOC questions as well as the topic tests on the CFAI website. Make sure that you keep a record of your progress. 

I made a spreadsheet for myself which I can send through if you like - really simple but found it to be pretty useful, PM if interested.

Good luck!