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Fitch Learning

Hello everyone,

I am new to the forum. Forgive any repetitiveness, but I have a question that seems unanswered. Fitch Learning seems to be offering Online Learning for CFA Level 1 for about $600-700.

They don’t claim to be providing comprehensive notes. Instead, they use the curriculum, and recommend Schweser as an extra.

Note: IFT video content of 70+ hours is available for free.

So at this point, I am asking myself, what exactly am I paying for? 5000 questions, and 3 mock exams. $600-700 for that? Am I missing something?

Make the most of your CFA® Progam prep in one weekend! Join renowned instructors Peter Olinto & David Hetherington in May for a live, two-day intensive final review class.

Don’t underestimate IFT free content. Take it and whole heartedly rely on it. If you are not reading from curriculum, you can purchase IFT notes or Schweser notes - your call (For Level 1, does not make much difference).  As far as practice questions are concerned, only rely on official material; CFAI online test bank and curriculum EOCs plus examples and mock.