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Wiley Prep Course

I recently signed up for Wiley prep premium course and selected ebook. Immediately after the purchase I found out that the paper book would actually work better for me. Without reading/obtaining/logging into the ebook I called the custom service only 3 hours after the purchase for a switch but was told NO they can’t do it. Made a few calls and reached out to the manager but the answer is still NO. I was surprised about their inflexibility and a bit disappointed. Anyone has similar experience?

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That’s weird. I’m studying with Wiley as well. They’ve been very helpful and resourceful. I have reached out to them via chat or email a couple of times with different problems and they’ve always resolved the issue within 24 hours.

The only reason I think they are saying no is because the paper book option costs more than the e-book option. They charge for shipping in the paper book option (I got the paper books). Call them again and ask them if they can ship to you and tell them that you will pay the shipping charge. If calling doesn’t help, then email or chat with them.

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