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Prerequisites to Economics

I did not take Econ at the University level. I know it’s recommended I read the prerequisites but it looks rather time consuming and think it will slow down my momentum. I’m doing pretty well right now on the Kaplan Schweser program and don’t want to slow myself down. Any suggestions?

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Well I have an Econ background (part of both my Bachelors and Masters) and I can tell you that a lot of the stuff in the prerequisites is good to read, but it isn’t really necessary if you understand the CFA required readings on Econ. If you don’t understand the Econ in the required readings, then I would suggest you take the time out to read the prerequisite. It shouldn’t take you more than a day to read.

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Your comprehension of economics must be strong to be able to cope with deeper specifics at CFA Level II. I found it quite challenging on not reviewing the CFA Level I economics readings, which I deeply regret. The best video playlist to review economics would be this:*******India/search?query=economics

It is worth the weight in gold as the explanation is simplified.


I studied Econ with father Mark and it took me 2 weeks to cover all of the material.

I only saw microeconomics in undergrad (9 years ago) if it helps.

father Mark? Is that Mark Meldrum?

truth01 wrote:

father Mark? Is that Mark Meldrum?


I signed up to Mark’s webpage. I’m also setup with Kaplan Schweser. I just finished his pre micro econ video this morning from Mark. Will try to drill through the CFAI material tomorrow. After that I’ll continue with my Schweser program. 

The topic of economics is a challenge in the CFA Program. I found a good video playlist where economics is explained in really simple terms. Here’s the link:*******India/search?query=economics