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Study plan for law students taking the Bar as well?

I’ve decided to make the jump from law into finance after a few years in the industry (legal side Private Equity M&A). I am finishing up law school this semester and will be studying for the bar exam between mid-may and august 1st. I expect to have most of August and September completely open to study for the December CFA Level 1. Additionally, I have been committing 1-3 hours/day this semester to the CFA program (Wileys).

Is there a point in the program you suggest reaching before I have to put it down for ~10 weeks to study for the Bar Exam? I likely will not be touching it during the time I am bar prepping. Additionally, do you have any suggestions for picking it back up after the break? Once I begin practice in October, my schedule will be completely unpredictable. Given the timeframe, should I be committing more time during the semester to the program? I expect to hit it harder after the bar and before I begin practice (and plan to take a week off before the CFA to review and de-stress before it).

Regarding my background:
I have a BS Aerospace Engineering, MS in Engineering, and will soon have a JD from a top 20 program. In the JD I have some experience with Tax (not corporate sadly), M&A, complex financial transactions, and ethics.

You’re ready to take on the CFA® Program, so stop guessing where you should begin. You give us your study dates, we’ll give you the study plan. Our adaptive activity feed breaks down your 300 hours into bite-sized weekly tasks that fit into your life.

Why not just write June 2020?  Sounds like you have a lot on your plate for the rest of this year.

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This year I will have vastly more available time, despite the bar exam. Plus, it gives me June 2020 to retake if something goes wrong.

After taking the CFA exam, most candidates end up at the bar.

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