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Error in Wiley's Mock Calculating Net Wealth?

Wiley 2019 Mock Exam B. AM session, Question 3 part A section i. 

We need to calculate PV of future salary to calculate net wealth. I am getting a much different PV but I am using the same inputs. I tried BEG and END calculations, neither are even close.

They say n=5, IY=6.6, PMT= 300,000, then CPT PV. I get PV  = 1.243m. They are getting 833k. Is Wiley just stupid? or am i? Wasted 30 minutes on this simple calculator question.


I bathe in Lake Superior Returns

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Possible, I think I have reported approx. 10 context and calculation errors past 5 months. I dont know if you have attempted to solve their test bank but I feel and share your frustration. 

I am planing to post a full experience report on Wiley’s product after the exam (I dont want to waste my energy on that prior to the exam). 

I can tell you that much I have stopped using their product last month and I have purchased Mark Meldrum’s package. I am using Mark’s review and couldnt be happier.

My advice would be to not waste your time with s*hty content. You have 3 + 1 full size official mock just solve them. If you need review buy Mark’s full package for 270 CAD. He goes through end of chapter questions in his review. That is a gold mine before the exam.