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Mistake on CFAI site or am I wrong?

The annual returns for three portfolios are shown in the following table. Portfolios P and R were created in 2009, Portfolio Q in 2010.

Annual Portfolio Returns (%)



Portfolio R

Q. The median annual return from portfolio creation to 2013 for:

a.Portfolio P is 4.5%.

b.Portfolio Q is 4.0%.

c.Portfolio R is higher than its arithmetic mean annual return.

C is correct. The median of Portfolio R is 0.8% higher than the mean for Portfolio R.

Im getting a Mean of 2.2 & Median of 4 …. 4 - 2.2 = 1.8

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Sorry about formatting ….. hope you can infer

Shouldn’t median be 3? If we assign numbers in an ascending order i.e. -1, 1, 3, 4, 4 then  3 appears to be the median

You’re dead right.

This didnt even cross my mind. I need rest.