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Where to download CFAI PDF mock exams and practice problems?

Hi guys,

I couldn’t find an answer to this in existing posts:

Do you know if you can get a copy of the 2019 Level I from the CFAI site:

- CFAI Mock exams in pdf, and

- all practice problems in one pdf bundle?

Thanks a lot!


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you can find cfai mock exam in pdf under candidate resources. there are, i think, 2 downloadable copies.

for the practice problems, are you pertaining to the practice tests of end of chapter questions? both are not downloadble in pdf

It was a long shot, glad i made it.

Hi there - i tried again but i can only see the online versions, and printable mock A (is that all that we can download anyways)?


what you can see as downloadable are the ones that could be downloaded. nothing more

It was a long shot, glad i made it.

Thanks. I heard that they made some more mocks pdfs available later in the semester. Will Keep and eye on it.