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Geometric mean vs arithmetic mean

Arithmetic Mean (%)
Geometric Mean (%)



“The difference between the geometric mean returns of the two funds (2.24%) is greater than the difference between the arithmetic mean returns of the two funds (1.67%). How should the analyst interpret these results?”

Taken directly from reading 8 - the paragraph after describes that geometric is compound growth.

I do understand that the larger the difference between the SLASX Arithmetic and geometric means the greater the variability.

Not clear about the significance of “greater variability between: arithmetic mean of two different samples vs geometric mean of two different samples”.


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Arithmetic mean is not time weighted and Geo mean is.

For Arithmetic mean return earned in year 1 and year 2 have same weights where as in geometric mean return earned in year 1 would have lager weights than year 2 because we have held that asset longer than year 2.