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Level 1 Candidates: Hardest and Easiest sections, in your opinion?

I’m curious to what other people preparing for level 1 think. What is the hardest of the 10 topics you’ve encountered thus far and how?
And conversely, what is the easiest and why?

This post is simply for curiosity’s sake. 

I have found FRA the hardest, as I only took beginner accounting during my finance undergrad. I also find a lot of it not interesting.
I found quantitative methods fairly easy as I took most of it in University. I think equity has been fairly easy too because I find it interesting, and I’m hoping that is the case for derivatives and fixed-income as well. 

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It’s different for everybody. Depends on your background.

I know that plays a large role. That’s why I stated this post was just about curiosity. I’m curious to see if there is some areas in which people seem to universally think is harder or easier than others.