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Study Providers??

I have just signed up for the June 2020 exam for level 1 and my place of work have signed me up with the Kaplan Schweser study provider. What are peoples opinions on Kaplan? My partner did level 1 with Fitch and passed first time and i haven’t read very many great reviews on KS so im a bit apprehensive… What are peoples opinions on KS

The best just got better. Schweser's upgraded content and redesigned study platform are exactly what you need to pass the Level I exam. Save 10% when you preorder a Premium Package for a limited time.

I used Schweser for Level I and found it to be absolutely fine. You can do well on Level I simply by getting through the material then hammering out practice problems and mock exams, especially if you have a background in finance (study, work, both). Don’t sweat it too much, just get through the readings and start practicing. 

I didn’t use Schweser at Level II but a friend commented that he found it to be much less useful than the Level I materials.

Thanks for your reply. May I ask who you used for level 2? 

I used the official CFAI textbooks and Mark Meldrum videos for LII

L1 : Only Schweser notes and Mark Meldrum for videos

L2 : Schweser notes, Mark Meldrum for videos, and Blue boxes plus EOC (End of Chapter questions).

L3 : Schweser notes, Mark Meldrum for videos, Blue boxes plus EOC (End of Chapter questions), and read the whole CFA curriculums.