Hi all - i just received my 2020 Kaplan books. I received two emails, one for e-books and one for practice exams which invited me to “set up an account”. I set up the account and have gained access to a “Learning Management System” portal with a list of activities none of which are available until “early September”. My place of work never told me what package they purchased for me and i have asked but i have had no great response… so I am a bit confused - does this sound like a particular package? Is the LMS the “online portal” i hear so much about? Are other people who have the same package seeing that they are not available until “early September”  - am i getting ahead of myself?? I also downloaded the KS app on my phone and tried putting in the details i had for this portal but it doesn’t log in and says i have incorrect details so im wondering how i can get access to that…..

Apologies for the long winded-ness of this query!! Any advice appreciated!! Thanks