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Study Plan - Kaplan

I am sitting the level one exam in June 2020. I have got the materials for Kaplan and I am working my way through the activities on the portal they give you. They suggested starting with Quants so im working through that first. I am reading the “activities” then watching the video lectures for each reading and taking notes. So i am working my way down the list. Is this the best way to go about it? Does anyone have any tips? Each activity has a recommended time e.g 40mins, 90mins etc. But it seems to be taking much longer :(

Thanks in advance

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I sat for level one in December and also used Kaplan, and what I would recommend is that you create a plan where you get through the material before May 1st. This includes a few days for practice/review after each section, and then a day of practice of all past sections covered as well before moving onto the next section. One thing I would have done differently is I would have done some practice questions after each reading as well. The more practice questions you do, the better. Oddly enough, I found that ethics came super quick to me at the end by just doing tons of questions, reading the explanations after I answered each one, even for ones I got correct. 
Anyway. I started in with less time than you have now. Just make a detailed plan of what you need to do, like 1 reading per day + 20 review questions, and then use a calendar to see if you can finish before May, including a generous amount of review days. And then STICK TO YOUR PLAN, and you will do just fine this summer! All the best.