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3 day review seminar

Has anyone done the Schweser 3 day review seminar? If so, can you please provide some thoughts on whether or not this seminar was helpful?

Thank you!!

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I thought that I learned more when it is taught to me … but I was wrong. I am sure it helps some people but I am not going to do it again. I am going to put my money towards Stalla videos instead.

I also drank both nights because a friend from Florida was up there in Boston for an internship interview… and I really wanted to drink Samuel Adams “in the wild.” Needless to say I was having the shakes and chugging coffee like no other both days. The drinking I would do again; not the course.


Making sure you see in the L2 forum I made a more accurate post about the program.


The only good thing - you get to see a BIG picture: candidates, professor, total immersion
plus almost 7 hours of pure CFA stuff ///which is great for people with ADD
You’d be given a book w/brief description of every LOS - good for the final reviewing. Plus access to ethics videos.


They don’t go any deep - just narrating which gets really boring to listen. IMO if you didn’t know the material before - you’d be facing the whole curriculum at once //scary feeling//
And if you knew - wouldn’t make any progress. So I doubt if anyone benefited out of the seminar.

That’s what you get for $400+…