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Best way to format flashcards...

I have found that taking notes takes too much concentration out of the actual reading and studying experience for me. After talking to a few people and reading some older posts on here, I realize active studying while taking in as many questions as possible during the process would be my best bet moving forward.

So while I would like to do away with taking structured notes, I still feel I would benefit by having flash cards that I can go through quickly and help me reinforce the material, etc. How exactly does Schweser do it with their product? A card for each LOS a,b,c,d,etc? How detailed? Any tips on it?

Thanks for the advice!

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Theo, Schweser produces one flashcard for each LOS, color-coded by study session. Here’s a recent opinion I posted on the subject.,604843,604855#msg-604855

I’ve made my own flashcards for FSA (I’ve made a few for econ and PM). I flip through them twice everyday (to and from work). They’ve been a big help. I always hated wasting the 15 mins I spend on the subway doing nothing, and the flashcards have solved that problem