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CFA Level I Forum

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% complete and complete contract method hw0799 hw079911 years ago
Lets get on the move we are almost there SanyaizSanDiego SanyaizSanDiego11 years ago
Thanks everyone! Aimee Aimee11 years ago
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Best of Luck to all amitahuja amitahuja11 years ago
CFAI Exam 4 question/answer mixup lillilland lillilland11 years ago
Just took Sample Exam 2 in Book 6, scored 67% siam siam11 years ago
GAMETIME Packers31 Packers3111 years ago
Good luck and understand the question malnoll malnoll11 years ago
CFAI practice tests - a fun time in trivial pursuit neurotoxin neurotoxin11 years ago
I'm off.. thanks again! (no msg) acwu acwu11 years ago
Exam sweft sweft11 years ago
I failed because it was freezing in NYC test center! pacliboi04 pacliboi0411 years ago
Questions thread Deleted cfaboston28 cfaboston2811 years ago
Thought PM section was easy finished in 2:15... I must have failed badmrfrosty badmrfrosty11 years ago
Anyone else write in Seoul?? sgib sgib11 years ago
Schweser Packages-Premium, Essential or Test Bank CFAMember2010 CFAMember201011 years ago
This might be obvious to all, but... pennsteric pennsteric11 years ago
Another alternative… jaf238 jaf23811 years ago
stalla free stuff rutta rutta11 years ago
JOB HUNTING SanyaizSanDiego SanyaizSanDiego11 years ago
Schweser Study Notes and CFA institute materials kochunni69 kochunni6911 years ago
CFAI and Schweser drinks2much drinks2much11 years ago
Schweser 3-day Intensive Seminar vs. Secret Sauce lc7171 lc717111 years ago
New Use for CFAI books denton83 denton8311 years ago
Valuation Allowance vs. DTA. Thu Thuy Thu Thuy11 years ago