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CFA withdrawal sc23 38 s3026329 years ago
State of the Studying (June 2010ers) BeboThoughts 38 s10emes9 years ago
I witnessed a complete moron in action..and it made me uncomfortable.. pdub 38 ddrobinett6 years ago
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Help wanted: Schweser vs Elan Guides! Maggie88 38 TheGreatBambino6 years ago
I got a letter suspected cheating on CFA :( I cant believe this!!! sayo_2006 38 aligoga6 years ago
HOW much have you finished up as of now? swadhin 38 tjack82b6 years ago
55,8% Mock (morning) after 5 months of Curriculum study. Shall I kill myself? nzhukov 38 mbjones215 years ago
Horrible Practice Exam Scores CFALOBO 38 cgrady405 years ago
EPS calc webtwister1 39 kant11 years ago
Lowest score mystically 39 dennis208511 years ago
Team AF looking good JoeyDVivre 39 TokyoBBB11 years ago
Formulate H0 and Ha (short examples) Dreary 39 cfaisok11 years ago
Dec '08 Exam Takers TPain88 39 gayatrij11 years ago
Predict your result and breakdown icetonez 39 matthieuboizard10 years ago
FYI - CFAI ethics quiz back online esco 39 kayaker10 years ago
June Passers Please Post !! luda002 39 EastCoastJ9 years ago
So did the exam experience live up to the hype? converts 39 mania7 years ago
Results June 2012: Calculate & post your 40/60/80 results here! usj2 39 jbpens667 years ago
**** 10-day FSA Review **** lola 40 delhirocks12 years ago
No of people taking the exam??? perdition 40 aussie_jaco10 years ago
Don't mess with CFAI JoeyDVivre 40 cfacal8 years ago
Scale of 1 - 10 on Difficult Level cfacowtown 40 shanek
June 2010 Pass Rates? Jay5150 40 mo_khan8 years ago
Grading KimLee 40 itera7 years ago
Predict your Dec Level 1 exam result bloodline 40 calvol7 years ago