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CFA Level I Forum

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9 Days and counting webtwister1 85 trek700012 years ago
What did you think about the exam? FratBoyDeluxe 85 pfunder334 years ago
Did you pass the exams? sonuvga 87 S2000magician3 years ago
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Curiosity Killed the Cat TheBJWay 89 Reggie11 years ago
Who used the Elan Guides? allegro-cpa/cfa 89 Nickki7 years ago
Kaplan left me unprepared! johnnyBuz 89 Robert, CFA8 years ago
heartbroken.....I am sure I failed, again. Do I have a chance at all? monkeymath 89 jlion17865 years ago
June 2014 CFA Level 1 Results Mosstastic 89 Barclaymoney5 years ago
CFAI Mock Exam Results extreme227 91 Cries7 years ago
Dec Results investmentrookie 99 vugi7 years ago
How did it go? Post here how you feel how u did? naroracalusa 100 AudreyMwala11 years ago
Ten things i hate about the CFA level 1 zero 100 cfacowtown10 years ago
How the F did I screw that up? The official thread mcf 101 andyrocks8 years ago
The official Beatthecfa's Challenge questions thread beatthecfa 103 SpyAli9 years ago
Results countdown... Gordon Gecko 103 noos898 years ago
2013 June Level 1 Review callmenoobie 104 heyjude6 years ago
The wait is just killing me! Lisa2K 105 NANA Hachiko6 years ago
Waiting for CFA 2018 results MnA China girl 105 S2000magician2 years ago
How do you think you did? True 109 Drvery8 years ago
Desperate for targeted advice to pass Level I in June... relentless 111 QuantJock_MBA9 years ago
Level 1 Feedback Omar Adnan 116 tj20019 years ago
The exam was so easy, I [....] (Formerly known as "How did the exam go?") goingsomethings... 123 ninini7 years ago
Anything Funny Happen at Your Test Center? EastCoastJ 126 krazykanuck8 years ago
Results june 2011 shahancfa 130 stoploss8 years ago
How are we all doing on practice exams? gdiddy 135 gdiddy11 years ago