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CFA Level I Forum

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Effective CFA® Program Level I Exam Review Strategies KaplanSchweser KaplanSchweser3 months ago
Level I Topics by CFAI Study Session AnalystForum 35 JacobBrown5 months ago
Advice for those who did NOT pass today... Greenman72 228 CEO10K-DAY14 hours ago
Study Pace mikec5 3 Analyst071818 hours ago
PCP investigation. PLease help. Its urgent !! avi5492 7 shanky1 day ago
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R and D treatement IFRS v GAAP Lloydas1 1 sig3 days ago
depreciation yasser almansoor 2 SportBiker3 days ago
Just got my teeth kicked in by Kaplan topic assessment Lloydas1 1 SportBiker3 days ago
Post-Test Limbo NYCFAn 5 SportBiker3 days ago
A very different spot rate and forward rate question freekyguy008 1 Analyst07184 days ago
Major confusion - Ethics "Additional Compensation Arrangements" Pnor 7 keroppi37856 days ago
A look on how to use Financial Calculator (Hindi/Urdu Version) ali.chishti ali.chishti6 days ago
Please help me TVM question. Confusing [P/Y] = 1 with [P/Y]= different number WeaponMaster 2 WeaponMaster1 week ago
How to use Financial calculator ? ali.chishti ali.chishti1 week ago
Long Lived Assets saumyasahay 3 sig1 week ago
What calculator is allowed for the Level 1 Exam? chokkamedex 3 S2000magician2 weeks ago
What is the average time per question in the real time exam for level 1? chokkamedex 2 chokkamedex2 weeks ago
CFA's online practice questions afroking84 1 Tactics2 weeks ago
Supranational organizations sources of repayment proceeds...a bit confused PapaGanoosh 6 S2000magician2 weeks ago
For those who struggle with Ethics keroppi3785 3 Topperharley2 weeks ago
Welcome Back. Please Don't Discuss Specific Questions AnalystForum 15 Pnor2 weeks ago
Can you please explain T-bills annualized yield and bank discount rate? WeaponMaster 2 WeaponMaster3 weeks ago
Economics rabbi0873 1 S2000magician3 weeks ago
why Cash Collateral Account redondo 5 Atomic_Sheep3 weeks ago
LIFO reserve adjestment for asset h28227012 2 Tactics3 weeks ago