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CFA Level I Forum

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Worried about L1? Just Wait till L2... ProvidenceCFA 12 NANA Hachiko5 years ago
Worried about scheweser materials paranoid2312 5 an-alyst5 years ago
Worried on exam day, that I wont be able to recall what I studied study2gether 5 capaldij6 years ago
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Worst CFA Section culpritculp 13 VWJETTY7 years ago
Worst ethics question EVER period. frgna 28 sooraj6 years ago
Worst Ethics Question I have seen. Paraguay 18 brafique10 years ago
Worst pass results (or best) BobFishcake 31 abhisheksg10 years ago
Worth a read- Some Test-Taking Tips sheikh79 sheikh796 years ago
Worth going through CFAI end of chapter qus now?? glimmer 4 glimmer11 years ago
Worth Reading Standards of Practice Handbook? bps23 5 L3Bol6 years ago
Worth taking Mock? lomz 5 solarpower0310 years ago
Would Appreciate some advice nocareer nocareer8 years ago
Would getting a 65% on the Level 1 most likely get you the pass? illmatic 15 orang3eph6 years ago
Would I pass ? niko3226 3 Black8Mamba232 years ago
Would it be alright if I... SeeEfAye SeeEfAye9 years ago
Would it be in my best interest to wait until June '09 to take the Level I exam? jjc 5 jjc11 years ago
Would the Ethics Adjustment ever hurt one's chances? tj2001 5 RockGuitar4178 years ago
Would you intuitively know after L1 if you got 72+ questions WRONG? ProvidenceCFA 16 NANA Hachiko5 years ago
Would you leave you current position to pass the exam in December? Siberian_Golfer 18 hiredguns111 years ago
Would you recommend Volume 6 saurya_s 1 getterdone11 years ago
Would you STRONGLY recommend taking rest on Friday? ann34 8 CFPWannaBCFA6 years ago
Would you take CFA if questions are not in multiple choice? revenant 2 Bacaladitos9 years ago
Would you take the exam if you were confident you would fail? cam2win 16 sleepybird11 years ago
Wow check this out Jaffels 3 Bexter10 years ago
WOW! Econ MaykiG 4 d0pa9 years ago