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CFA Level I Forum

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Advice for those who did NOT pass today... Greenman72 230 sydneyguy5 months ago
Quant Statistical Concepts & Mkt Returns problem gjohnub 2 gjohnub5 months ago
Practice questions CFAI Student Resources saumyasahay saumyasahay5 months ago
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FRA PDF NOTE 2019 samuelkush 2 samuelkush5 months ago
Country risk premium in the cost of equity Lloydas1 2 giobilkis5 months ago
Gross revenue reporting pomelo 4 Atomic_Sheep5 months ago
Quant TVM problem gjohnub 4 breadmaker5 months ago
TVM Question gjohnub 2 gjohnub5 months ago
TVM question - 2 interest rates in Question kmc17 3 breadmaker5 months ago
question about the CFA level 1 requirement sauceexploding 7 sauceexploding5 months ago
got band 3 for last exam , appearing for june , how to go for it ketaki_nade 6 Zarathustra225 months ago
Where to download CFAI PDF mock exams and practice problems? xiaoke20009 4 xiaoke200095 months ago
Why LM curve is upward sloping Mr_ser 2 Pyng5 months ago
Solving questions about flotation costs of equity and NPV Lloydas1 7 S2000magician5 months ago
Conservative Bias - benefits xiaoke20009 6 Analyst07185 months ago
Kaplans' Derivatives Question - seems wrong nikks99 6 Analyst07185 months ago
Results alphamogul14 35 S2000magician5 months ago
Chalk & Board Review kendalljgrant kendalljgrant5 months ago
Good Luck to June 2019 L1 Candidates busprof 6 Dororih5 months ago
Calculate Beta in Portfolio Management, Kap v CFAI Lloydas1 2 Lloydas15 months ago
Social life/Study time balance afroking84 7 sydneyguy5 months ago
Price/Cash Flow Ratio avmachado 8 FinTree5 months ago
Computation of Risk Premium with Real Rate retur Ab M 3 Analyst07186 months ago
Trouble with DDM Lloydas1 17 Lloydas16 months ago
Calculate WACC with no debt. But, what about Current Liabilities? WeaponMaster 3 Analyst07186 months ago