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CFA Level I Forum

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Cash flow yield Alby 1 breadmaker1 month ago
Wanting to begin CFA Level I essbee 10 Isaiah_53_51 month ago
Cash collections and bad debt expense issues: why we don't exclude bad debt expense? Vitale Vitale1 month ago
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Accounts Receivable balance: don't see my mistake, I get wrong answer Vitale Vitale1 month ago
Some confusing questions in topic tests lorrainepan 4 AceNZ1 month ago
Quant Apoorva Gaur 4 AceNZ1 month ago
Start with Ethics or Quant? pejp 8 Greenman721 month ago
Quantitative Method - unknown variance Omarmo39 7 tickersu1 month ago
Welcome Back! Please Don't Discuss Specific Questions AnalystForum 8 Mduc72912 months ago
How to prepare Code of Ethics and Standards of professional conduct for CFA level 1 exam? clarksonneo 3 Atomic_Sheep2 months ago
I think my solution is correct, but the output is confusing me. zqw86713 5 zqw867132 months ago
Balance Sheet treatment of Discount Bonds gatorsterino123 3 anasrouetbi2 months ago
Kaplan and questions solving Celina Chaudhary 1 niko32262 months ago
How'd you guys do? DilutedEPS 29 Mduc72912 months ago
How much study needed given work experience? nubila 4 Crito2 months ago
Good Q-banks XanaxandCFA 2 NANA Hachiko2 months ago
Software development costs: expense vs. capitalization XanaxandCFA 1 Mushfig2 months ago
L1 CFAI mock scores iLuvaccounting 12 NANA Hachiko2 months ago
CFA textbook says positively skewed preferred. Why? jiminssy 11 AndreevM2 months ago
Section weight vs. section importance Torsten55 5 Shauncore2 months ago
Glossary of Formulae saurav 1 Black Swan2 months ago
Anyone from Bay Area registered for 2017 December Level 1 Exam?
Investor with the Higher risk aversion Question Jaypatel123 20 busprof2 months ago
Something to help ease your mind before the exam. MikeHams 3 Johnpart12 months ago
Mock and section questions = real exam questions? lillypop 7 Johnpart12 months ago