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CFA Level I Forum

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Tips for passing level 1 re-write in December? thisismyusername 22 Pacheckio1 month ago
It's time to pay back ali.chishti ali.chishti1 month ago
Conceptual Framework for Financial Reporting mrodrigo7 1 cfageist1 month ago
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CFA level 1 Registration HELP! (Urgent) rohitk54 2 cc_19831 month ago
IRR's re-investment assumption question KokoTheChimp 2 KokoTheChimp1 month ago
One possible approach to clear all three levels in three consecutive years on first attempt Mercutio Mercutio1 month ago
Usage of Harvels Learning System Question Bank dasstienn 1 fino_abama1 month ago
Bond Equivalent Yield snfuenza 6 S2000magician1 month ago
Wiley Question Of The Week: Financial Reporting and Analysis Long Lived Assets Part 1 (Sponsored) Wiley 2 Godfrey9991 month ago
Qbank Mhap99 3 Viffer1 month ago
Investment Opportunity Set vs Capital Allocation line thesomayaji94 1 thesomayaji941 month ago
BDY Interpretation jad594 jad5941 month ago
Debt Incurrence Test vs Covenant Atomic_Sheep Atomic_Sheep1 month ago
Equity question biockout2003 2 Atomic_Sheep1 month ago
Annualizing a 4 Month IRR & Simple Interest jad594 7 KokoTheChimp1 month ago
What's the difference between Fair Value & Fair Market Value? KokoTheChimp 1 sydneyguy1 month ago
PCP investigation. PLease help. Its urgent !! avi5492 6 sydneyguy1 month ago
Long and Short Position Interaction in the Portfolio Nickitozz92 1 PreDRaR661 month ago
CFA Level 1 exam vs CFAI mock exams cfacaiatrack 13 namdoog5761 month ago
Confusion regarding FX explanation in the CFA textbook Tural 12 S2000magician1 month ago
MPS - CFA Level 1 Exam (June 2018) sydneyguy sydneyguy1 month ago
Passing CFA Level 1 With a Useless Degree LTMagnificent 1 Rules_Of_Acquisition2 months ago
CFA topic test Parichay Sarway 1 cfageist2 months ago
Results cfageist 69 S2000magician2 months ago
CFAI curriculum vs. Prep providers: what to choose The_Declaration 6 The_Declaration2 months ago