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CFA Level I Forum

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Where is everyone, with their studying? 215CFA 20 HarryHayes6 years ago
Quant questions 23adam 4 23adam11 years ago
Repeaters - Eco; CFA text or Stalla 23adam 4 wake200011 years ago
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Notes writing - Is it efficient? 23adam 16 libba11 years ago
Passmaster q's or Qbank speed 23adam 5 map111 years ago
Test cal vs. sample mean 23adam 12 eighty11 years ago
Eco - market structures 23adam 12 d11j0d11 years ago
Securities markets 23adam 10 23adam11 years ago
Map1 23adam 6 23adam11 years ago
stalla practice exams 23adam 4 JP_RL_CFA11 years ago
Saturday's exam taking strategy? 23adam 1 Bexter11 years ago
Flashcards or Mock exam 23adam 1 bk11 years ago
Sleep now? 23adam 35 chad1711 years ago
June vs December 2013? Asia CFA? 2changz 4 Cinderella6 years ago
How important is Econ? 2changz 4 2changz6 years ago
CFA or CPA for FA Job?
Tips for Improving on FRA? 2model 12 sydneyguy3 years ago
Re-studying for Level 1 - Questions Only 2model 5 kienha933 years ago
Jun/Dec - Same Curriculum? 2model 3 S2000magician3 years ago
This was my second time writing L1 2model 12 wichertj3 years ago
What happens if you didn't hand in your ticket? 2model 3 Mind The GAAP3 years ago
Candidacy on Resume 2model 4 hashtag3 years ago
Delete post_sorry 2nd time lucky 3 2nd time lucky7 years ago
Kaplan Workbook part 2 pdf 2nd time lucky 2nd time lucky7 years ago
quick question 2x2equals4 4 2x2equals411 years ago