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CFA Level I Forum

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INT(1 - tax%) yasser almansoor 3 Sid13114 months ago
Discount Rate: Nominal or Effective? avmachado 9 Kireeti4 months ago
Fixed Income shraddhavora 4 S2000magician4 months ago
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FI Risk and Return shraddhavora shraddhavora4 months ago
Inventory and cash paid to suppliers yasser almansoor 3 Kireeti4 months ago
Deferred Tax Effect on Net Income Krisian 1 Kireeti4 months ago
Industry vs Sector Atomic_Sheep 2 Atomic_Sheep4 months ago
Almost done reading. What next? gwoods 2 Anuradhaa4 months ago
Issuer Credit Quality and FRNs avmachado 2 avmachado4 months ago
Constructing a list of Peer Companies for Equity Evaluation seanwilliam 2 'Oscar'4 months ago
tax adjustment tej2019 3 S2000magician4 months ago
Regarding correlation calculation cat alyst 4 cat alyst4 months ago
Equity Valuation Methods and Inferences avmachado 3 'Oscar'4 months ago
Reading 27, Inventories Lloydas1 2 Lloydas14 months ago
Floating Rate Notes - Required Margin and Quoted Margin josh_16 13 Anuradhaa4 months ago
Started Studying CFA Level I with Schweser truth01 4 Anuradhaa4 months ago
Level I CFA® Program Exam Format Changing in 2021 KaplanSchweser 1 igor5554 months ago
Meldrum package or Kaplan? Lloydas1 6 TrackSuitInvestor4 months ago
Type I, II Error keep_running 8 Anuradhaa4 months ago
CFAI mock exam scores and real exam peterlincfa 1 125mph4 months ago
Financial ratios pt 1 and pt 2, reading 26 FRA Lloydas1 1 AyrshireAnalyst4 months ago
Ethics Audio Book rajdeep181 7 AbhinavPradhan4 months ago
Quant reading 12, hypothesis testing Lloydas1 7 GeorgeMiller4 months ago
Deferred Tax Allowance Krisian 3 JacobBrown4 months ago
Practical Implications of Bond Spot Rates avmachado 2 JacobBrown4 months ago