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CFA Level I Forum

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How much study needed given work experience? nubila 4 Crito4 months ago
Good Q-banks XanaxandCFA 2 NANA Hachiko4 months ago
Software development costs: expense vs. capitalization XanaxandCFA 1 Mushfig4 months ago
Drill all the fundamentals with Wiley's CFA experts Peter Olinto, Darren Degraaf and others.
L1 CFAI mock scores iLuvaccounting 12 NANA Hachiko4 months ago
CFA textbook says positively skewed preferred. Why? jiminssy 11 AndreevM4 months ago
Section weight vs. section importance Torsten55 5 Shauncore4 months ago
Glossary of Formulae saurav 1 Black Swan4 months ago
Anyone from Bay Area registered for 2017 December Level 1 Exam?
Investor with the Higher risk aversion Question Jaypatel123 20 busprof4 months ago
Something to help ease your mind before the exam. MikeHams 3 Johnpart14 months ago
Mock and section questions = real exam questions? lillypop 7 Johnpart14 months ago
Comparative Advantage and Gains from Trade samjambo 3 S2000magician4 months ago
Leases and cashflows effects proanalyst 11 anasrouetbi4 months ago
Any trick to sort out affirmative and negative covenants? Swe_Viking 2 Shauncore4 months ago
Best of luck! S2000magician 1 wichertj4 months ago
Encouragement (and last minute tips) for the exam busprof 3 GrahamDoddFisher4 months ago
EThics- reference to cfa cadr93 2 Woodeasy4 months ago
Ethics Approach Tomorrow - Day Before chris765243 2 Woodeasy4 months ago
Derivatives question wichertj 3 Vira_V4 months ago
ROE - Finance vs Operating Lease nampham 8 nampham4 months ago
What you will not even touch in the exam Q? saurya_s 35 rohitsingh4 months ago
Safety First Threshold level Codtrawler87 2 GrahamDoddFisher4 months ago
Investors' return for the year wichertj 3 Swe_Viking4 months ago
TT Equity Fargo Nora Nora4 months ago
Gain on sale of machine or profit on sale of building lillypop 3 lillypop4 months ago