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CFA Level I Forum

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Schweser live mock exam difficult? Dropped from 70-80% to 60%. CFA916N 6 125mph4 months ago
Question help bhardwajvarma 4 Nicholas Wee4 months ago
Two tailed vs single tailed test tarun 2 tarun4 months ago
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Covered call / Protective put - VALUE AT EXPIRATION Benmar 8 S2000magician4 months ago
Valuation allowance question jkb6274 1 cfageist4 months ago
Ethics question about citing sources ray.thiagarajan 5 barnacledhermit4 months ago
Mocks cfageist 22 cfageist4 months ago
Mosaic Theory/Material Non Public Info ray.thiagarajan 4 S2000magician4 months ago
Identify Z-Value csobrien@wellin... 4 csobrien@wellin...4 months ago
Why Beta =1 for SML while calculating Slope? Hanuman 1 S2000magician4 months ago
Confused with provisions jad594 jad5944 months ago
Final weeks strategy mocks vs theory revision lverelst 15 125mph4 months ago
Feeling confident ?? Haroldjames 4 125mph4 months ago
CFA Level 1 Strategy afroking84 7 afroking844 months ago
EPS & Net Income jad594 6 jad5944 months ago
Official exam vs cfai mocks vs schweser mocks darkusss 4 barnacledhermit4 months ago
Diluted EPS checking: is the official answer wrong? lillypop 2 lillypop4 months ago
Two Week/Post-Mock Review Techniques? eshaw eshaw4 months ago
Diluted EPS dnv05 2 Huy Pham4 months ago
Operating Cash flow Hanuman 8 Haroldjames4 months ago
Degree of Operating Leverage bananaphone 1 Haroldjames4 months ago
June Strategy Recommendations zoecohen zoecohen4 months ago
Portfolio duration chetm 4 PreDRaR664 months ago
Why Elan Guide -intensives review disappears fromthe YouTube IbrahimMba IbrahimMba4 months ago
Wiley, why are your mocks so bad? barnacledhermit barnacledhermit4 months ago