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CFA Level II Forum

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The Top 10 Differences between Level I and Level II of the CFA® Exam KaplanSchweser KaplanSchweser3 months ago
Level II Topics by CFAI Study Session Analyst Forum 4 mheithy1 year ago
McKinsey's Valuation: Capitalized Software Ambiguity TheGlugGlug 2 TheGlugGlug12 hours ago
callable bond when rates increase bananass 11 S2000magician14 hours ago
Change in bond price interest rate changes SB/ Callable/Putable bond robbie2308 2 robbie23081 day ago
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Total periodic pension Cost AyatAlwaqedi 1 AyatAlwaqedi1 day ago
2019 CFA official mock exam eminempu 18 Cory12Mayers1 day ago
Why is a deferred tax liability created for Goodwill? TheGlugGlug 14 TheGlugGlug2 days ago
Gamma mc2cfo1 4 S2000magician2 days ago
Carhart four-factor model lizihengtotti 5 biwa76362 days ago
What to read / practise for CFA level II please? caiars 2 CMLSML2 days ago
NPV . Help me to find NPV Kikoe 6 breadmaker3 days ago
Reconcilliation of Permanent Tax Differences between GAAP & IRS TheGlugGlug TheGlugGlug3 days ago
2019 Mock (AM) - Trana Case Scenario studyguy18 11 studyguy183 days ago
I need help with quant julietlauren 6 breadmaker4 days ago
PM - Using multifactor Model EOC question aarthi123 2 S2000magician5 days ago
Adjusting Cash Flow - Contributions to Pension Plan FreakAnalytical 2 cfageist5 days ago
Actual default probability jackpham314 jackpham3145 days ago
WACC. DETERMINING WACC Kikoe 2 mskhan916 days ago
Basis trade - CDS arbitrage jackpham314 2 S2000magician6 days ago
Corporate finance - capital structure decision paarth777 10 Onda6 days ago
NOPAT- Add back the depreciation expense? Onda 1 'Oscar'1 week ago
How I owned the CFA Level 2 exam (with proof) gishena 4 Codtrawler871 week ago
Fixed Capital Investment Computation shah747 4 testing12341 week ago
DCF - how to consider investments? picur picur1 week ago