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CFA-Make the exam tougher

I walked out of level II thinking it was a cake walk… and I passed w/ 70 in all. and 50-70 in port man, FI, and Quant. I think it could have been tougher…. FSA was was too easy in my opinion. Corp Fin was really really easy. Equity was somewhat difficult but still scored 70+

I spent a TON of time sturdying tough… alomst a year lol. A buddy of mine crammed in like 6 weeks and passed… he failed eithics and alt investments.. ones that I aced. I wish they would publish our real scores

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Delta1012 Wrote:
> @ Skillionaire
> We may have to disagree, as the percentage of
> people who pass on he 1st time is indeed relevant.
> It is the truest test of the nature of the exam.
> An easy series of tests will lead to more people
> passing 3/3. A tougher test, obviously, will lead
> to lesss. What is truly irrelevant is the person
> that takes 15 years to achieve the charter. Who
> cares at that point? You and I will have enjoyed
> our charter for the better part of 12 years by
> that point. Your difference in ‘caliber’ will be
> rewarded by many many years of employing the
> charter and using its benefits.
> And I am a liberal, and 15 years in this program
> would indicate great determination, but that is
> not to say that that person is more determined
> than anyone who goes 3/3.
> Skill, you sound like a smart guy. And I
> appreciate that, as stupidity irks me. And
> between you and I the ‘upper crust’, lets be
> honest with one another. Neither of us would go
> after this Charter if it didn’t ‘mean something’.
> And 9k people obtaining it annually is almost
> immaterial. How many people get MBAs every year?
> Quantitative Engineering graduate degrees? Or
> Masters in Finance? The CFA is in no danger of
> being diluted anytime within our appreciable
> lifespans. Don’t worry about it.

“And I
> appreciate that, as stupidity irks me. And
> between you and I the ‘upper crust’, lets be
> honest with one another. ”

Hahahaha, the “upper crust.” You’re awesome.
“between you and I”. Isn’t this a forum??

THe only thing worse than stupidity is one’s assumption of their own intelligence.

@ rstewart - you spent nearly a year studying??? of course you thought it was a ‘cake walk’. I don’t think studying for a year and scoring a 70% is exemplary of an easy test. Yet another reason why this discussion about whether this test should be harder is dumb since there’s people out there who think studying for 12mths (even 4-6mths) is normal.

this is a stupid thread

yes, we should make this thread harder

“THe only thing worse than stupidity is one’s assumption of their own intelligence.”

If you didn’t realize I was being facetious then you are pretty slow yourself. Did you even follow the conversation? Or my original post that “I almost cried when I saw I passed” (which was obviously only half-serious but should have been telling). If I am guilty of anything, it is of using nuance that flew way above your head. I have no doubt that Skill understood. I have little doubt that you did not.


1. Just because you sound a little more polite in your postings does not mean what you say is any less condescending or ignorant. You posted your words and you are judged accordingly.

2. Delta1012 absolutely CRUSHED you. And I’m not talking about exam scores.

jsjrcomcast Wrote:
> yes, we should make this thread harder

Agreed. Let’s make people click 17 times in random spots all over the screen before they can post in this thread.

That way the people who post with questionable intelligence won’t kill the appreciation I have for posting.

Again, no offense to the people who can’t click 17 times in random spots all over the screen but I am just wondering if any other people who post feel the same way.

I also want to add that I am not even sure I deserve to post in this thread. I don’t think practicing my clicking for 3.2 months while working should have been doable, specially when you take a couple week break inbetween to rest your fingers. The thread would gain from increasing the difficulty of access to this post. I would support this stance EVEN if my posts decreased significantly and I was no longer allowed to post.

How did you do on your Mock clicks?

posted twice…

skillionaire Wrote:
> Vdoddapa, unless you’re texting from an ancient
> phone which lacks a keyboard, your spelling/typing
> is obnoxious.

” my mistake… the access to webpage was so bad yesterday, i had to type thrice to get my message posted on the forum… i lost patience and cut shot a much longer response.”

> Secondly, you must be somewhat new to the forum,
> as you can certainly run a check of my posts, and
> leading up to the test I said the same thing
> regarding toughness, and also (tongue-in-cheek,
> but to the point) declared that I might get the
> first ever perfect score on Level II.
” may be … but who knows how much one has actually scored !!!”

> So we’ve now concluded that I’m not a hypocrite,
> your typing is equivalent to a 4th grader texting,
> and I apologize if I tried to have some compassion
> for the people who failed yesterday by telling the
> OP that it wasn’t a good day to have this
> discussion; that really makes me a monster.

” Monster”- that was my point…. when we know how people take it on the day of results, but still carry on with just an acknowledgment… what can I say !!!

> “One has to know a lot for level 2 compared to 1,
> now if one is gud with most of the prep material,
> he/she may feel the real exam easy or easier… ”
> Lol, boy, you don’t say? So you’re saying that if
> I study harder and “get” the prep material better
> than most, that perhaps the test will be easier
> for me than most? Weird……

” One needn’t study harder for the test to ace it !!! but everyone or most of us need to know the material from on job training or school or personal study or prep material… I never said test wud be easier for you THAN MOST.. I only meant u may feel it easy”

> Run a search on my posts BEFORE WE EVEN TOOK THE
> TEST, please.
> I’m already in most doors I need to be into and
> don’t really need the charter, but as long as I’m
> going for it, I’d like it to mean something.

” NO, it’s actually other way round…. u will go for sth only if it means sth … if CFA didn’t mean anything… why wud we bother to discuss abt it..”

P.S I guess u r more worried abt my spelling mistakes rather than my message….. anyways u were eager to give a fitting response and tried ur best lol !!!!- Just in case u r thinking i might be one of those who got offended … dec 08 L1, jun 09 L2

I guess dude, you’re right, I’m over it.

I’d rather cede to you than try to decipher what you were trying to say.

ummmmm, are you guys married?