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Anyone just getting started?

lhskev Wrote:
> Trust me bpdulog, you do not want to be band
> 10…. it crushes you to know that you were only a
> few q’s from passing….
> dfmac, are you planning to read the CFAI material?
> I also have the schweser books but I don’t feel it
> prepared me well enough last year.
> I am trying my best to read all the CFAI material
> but as I track my progress it seems as if I won’t
> finish reading in time to give me an adequate
> review period.
> What do re-takers think of this approach?
> 1. Attempt CFAI EOC Questions
> 2. Look to the CFAI material for help if you
> cannot solve the problem and take notes.
> 3. After you complete all the problems; move on to
> the next chapter

Thanks, but I already know what the feeling is like since I’ve gone through it. To make matters worse, I already know off hand which questions I got wrong because I switched answers at the last minute. Anyway, the strategy you pointed out seems adequate.


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I started on January 2nd with reading 1, and will move through one SS a week, to whenever that gets me. Have moved through the ethics sections quite quickly so now on to Quant… Too many long, odd words for my liking.

Heteroskedasticity, WTF? Admittedly I hadn’t studied proper maths for 10 years before doing Level 1.

Started on Jan01 with equity. aiming to do 2 volumes a month till march. I’m not working and can afford to log 10 hrs a day off the cfai. good luck guys

I’m going to Vegas this weekend. So it’s looking like the 18th (+3 for the ensuing hangover) as my start date.

On my way to my first class now. Passed L1 in June and haven’t touched or thought CFA in a while! Also my wife had our first child last week so this should definitely be an interesting study season! I passed L1 without cracking the CFAi books but don’t think that’s the strategy I am goIng to use this time around. Will definitely concentrate more on EOC questions.

Good luck to all, and let the games begin!

^^^ wow. Good luck with that. If you don’t have a solid finance background I’d do yourself and your wife a favor and spread this thing out over 2 years. Sleep deprivation has not set in for you yet. It takes a few weeks.

starting tomorrow… g’luck all

Starting today as a re-taker. Band 6 so have quite a bit to go.

Guess I started way too late last year but feel a bit more confident this time around. Which is probably because there isn’t any way in hell I’ll be walking into the hall without finishing the CFAI texts too…

Just gotta get the L1 groove back baby!! And knock FI outta the park…

If this question is unimportant, save us both a minute and say "ignore" :-)


Level II first timer here as well. Got my last MBA app sent in yesterday so I’m getting started today. Starting with the Level I refresher booklet from Schweser…haven’t seen a lot this stuff since last June…

Taking the DFW class again for this level but it doesnt start for a few more weeks.

Starting this week, live Stalla class starting next week and I’ll be following their schedule which can be found here: