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How Difficult would you say this was?

On a scale of 1 - 10 how difficult did you think this exam was, 10 being utterly brutal.

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Based on my sample size of 1 for CFA level 2 exams, I can confidently say it was a 6.

Kabaka, I’m hoping it was a “6” if you catch my drift… ;)

Out of 9 full mock exams and two samples: to me the AM was about the second most difficult set of 60 questions I’ve seen, I’d give that a 9. The PM was not bad at all I’d give that a 5 or 4.

2, time was short, exam was not difficult if you used CFAI text as your bible.

I thought time was plentiful but exam was difficult… it took me about 4 hrs for both parts, but I don’t feel too confident, and didn’t crack open the CFAI text.  :shrug:


square root of 49


so i guess ill b sitting again next year :(


Lot of clac questions than I expected

i give it 7 for hardness considering that i would give the average mock a 5.
on the other hand i would give it a straight ten as to being a complete failure at testing the required body of knowledge of the level 2 curriculum.

to be fair, a 5. Not too tough, time was plentiful.
I used the CFAI as my ”bible”, as well as used Schweser and Stalla videos.

................................................................................................................We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong, the amount of work is the same.


9.5 am
5.0 pm

The morning session gets 9.9 from me. I thought it was brutal.
The afternoon, i’ll say 4-5.

AM section, I’d say probably an 8.
PM, I think about a 5 seems right.

Overall, I suppose a 7 [+0.5 points for stress of taking the exam in a room with a thousand other young gunners].

6 maybe, but we’ll see in August.

No quote needed


Something I just thought of that I wanted to add:

The folks on AnalystForum are not representative of the CFA testing pool in general. Sampling error, you might say. The folks on here, as a rule:

-publicly committed to taking the exam
-are very open about how much they have or haven’t studied
-are very honest with themselves about what they know and don’t know
-are extremely committed to taking a really strong run at the material and trying to pass, first try.
-Generally, study harder and better than candidates who are just kind of “putting in hours” towards the exam.

The last point is debatable, but it’s my experience that folks on AF are usually more focused and organized with their study time. They also seem to put in more hours.

So many of us who treated the exam like SERIOUS BUSINESS are saying that we viewed this exam as somewhere between a 6 and a 10. This [to me] suggests that there are probably thousands upon thousands of candidates who weren’t super honest with themselves about their chances and their efforts who must’ve been absolutely dying on exam day. Hopefully the MPS reflects the difficulty.

AM, 9 (I fell behind)
PM, 6

Overall, 7