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Ethics - Discussing Exam Questions

Its a violation to discuss the exam questions hours after exam is done in all time zones or is AF just being overly through?

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It’s a violation, through and through. AF is being very strict because last year a few candidates compiled a GoogleDocs spreadsheet of all the questions people remembered and the correct answers. While this seems altruistic and helpful, it’s exactly what CFAI doesn’t want. The candidates were tracked down and suspended [I believe for five years] from the CFA program.

There are numerous threads going through problems on the forums right now, but I don’t plan to post on them. Right now, my discussing-the-exam-questions-policy is “Anything on the line will be called out. Anything near the line will be called out. Just don’t go near the damn line.”

However, you can comply with the code and still get the information you want. If you remembered a exam question, you cannot post the question. You can ask the concept.

For instance, hypothetically if there was a question about residual income, you could ask people how to solve for residual income.

It would be a violation for someone to respond with “the answer to that one was B”. It would be ok for someone to reply that you get residual income by subtracting ROE from R and multiplying by B0.