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Did first mock today score at low 50s...

Just did 1st schweser mock today and scored at low 50s… Not sure with a lot of stuff… Very disappointed… Any idea on the review strategy ?

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Continue taking more mocks, take several of them and undrstand your weak areas. And plough through the books ones last time in those areas. Thats what Im planning to do.

Yes, just keep reviewing weak areas and doing mocks every couple days. I had started at 60% on mock just last week and have brought up to around 67% within this week of review and continuous practice.  So see how you improve as you keep strengthening your weak areas. 

55% on CFA mock .. Wasn’t sure on more than 2-3 ques. per item set ..

Would really appreciate you sharing the strategy you guys are following to work on your scores.. Q-bank or Schweser mock to practice..Or re-read the weaker areas..

Do I still have a chance ?

Thanks in advance for your support!!

Keep at it guys. Last year I think I scored a 55% or 58% on my first mock exam. I haven’t taken a L2 mock yet but I’m sure I’ll be in the same boat. It’s all about repetition, focusing on your problem areas, and knocking outa the park FRA, Equity, Ethics, Corp Finance.