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question about vignettes...

there are 10 topic areas with varying weightage and there will be 20 vignettes in total…

i was just wondering is there a possiblity to get a vignette in exam that combine concepts from two topic areas??


do they follow that each vignette strictlly cover the concept of only from one topic area???

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did you look at any of the sample AM’s on the CFAI website?  those are actual AM’s from prior years

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If you are a level III candidate - why are you asking a question saying “20 vignettes”.


cpk123 wrote:

If you are a level III candidate - why are you asking a question saying “20 vignettes”.

Isn’t the OP a level II candidate?

@ OP, hardly….probably you will get each vignette as one specific topic. Do the BB and EOC from CFAI and you will get the best idea of that the vignettes will look like.

ah it makes me double check if i have posted in level-III forum…

thanks L3Bol…. ummm whats BB

thanks iteracom, will look at sample exams when they will be available in october 2012 

Yeah i believe there can be a vignette which contains questions from the mix topics. I have seen that in ethics!

SpyAli may be i need to clarify my question…

one vignette from ethics is fine… what i was trying to ask, can there be a vignette that contains info and questions, for example,  from both equity and fixed income..

and  what i think now, such a mixed vignette normally doesnt appear in exam… 

Oh alrite. No i have never heard about any such kind of vignettes.

BB = blue boxes on CFAI material. Those become more and more important asi you progress through the levels

L2 exam - AM and PM, each has

10 vignettes - 6 questions each.  Total 60 questions.

Weight of topics in exam varies.