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Optional readings

I just skim through the volume 6 CFA textbook.  I found that many sections on option such as option pricing are optional reading.  Why does CFA include them in the textbook while they are not required?

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to make us happy


You must be the square root of two cause i feel irrational around you

lol i liked Alladin’s reply…. its always such a relief to see long optional sections :D

further, in the begining of the volume, under the head ‘how to use the CFA program curriculum’ it is mentioned that

“…….the CFA examination is based only on the required segments, and the optional segments are included only when they might help you to better understand the required segments (by seeing the required material in its full context)……..”

does it make sense.. 

That’s an epic comment and signature Alladin :D

Thanks everyone.

Therefore, the purpose of  CFA making this is to upset us.

hope many of you have already notice that following section is mistakenly marked as optional.. its required reading…

Reading 49: Section 7.2.2 (p. 100) up to Section 7.3 (p. 106) were mistakenly marked as optional during printing. These sections are assigned as part of the required reading.