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Havent started.. Am i too late ?? Advice

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No way - I just started yesterday and just broke the seal really. I will knock out more than 1 hour on the weekend. We have 5 months to murder this ish, and thats what I plan on doing. 

I started L2 around March last year, so you have plenty of time.

not at all late… remain consistent in studies and you will do it…

I have the same story. After taking L1 in June 12, I somehow managed to crack FRM part 1 in Nov 12. But it seems to me that now I am too late for CFA L2, having not started anything yet. What do you think, is it possible to complete syllabus with full-time job? Elese I plan to sit for FRM part 2 exam instead.


Whether you are “too late” or not really depends on how many hours of studies you can consistently put in till June 1.

If you can spend on average 2 hours per day on wrking days and 5-6 hours on week ends, you still have exactly 100 working days and 20 week ends (20x2=40 off days) which gives you 200+(200 to 240) hours that is at the minimum 400 hours and , if really committed then upto 450 hours excluding any other holidays when you can spend a few more hours for CFA studies. Do you really think it is too less? Even CFAI says one needs on average 300 hours to clear any level of CFA! The only requuirement , if you wish to start now and pass it for sure then you may have to

(a) seriously prepare a plan & schedule and stick to it come what may;

(b) do all the blue boxes and EOC when you study any topic whether only from Schewser or CFAI curriculum books, or both (most would prefer at thiis stage Schewser  material only for obvious reasons, but choice is yours) with a target of completing the whole curriculum by Mid-April at the latest.

(c) Do as many as practice papers, sample papers you can do once the readings are completed and devote May for Mock exams (must), revision and practice more papers , doing the important formulas and the things you you wanted to do again before the test during the last week.

It worked for majority and there is no reason it won’t suffice for you (after all you have cleared Level 1too!). As far as FRM Part 2 is concerned you can take it up iin next November if you wish, thereby choice of taking another level of CFA in next June. It may sound too big an aspirations but is not impossible. Best of luck

i just started last week…i think mygos has given great advice that I will follow

Thanks mygos for your suggestions!