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Where are you now (= your progress)?

I seem to be…. done indecision

What have I missed?

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I started my study in late Jan after the result of Dec Level 1 exam.  I am studying with the Schweser notes and I have been able to complete 1 book every 3 weeks.  Today I just completed Equity.  I still have Alternative Investment, Fixed Income, Derivatives and Portfolio Management. 

At this pace, I should be able to complete all readings by the first week of May.  I will then have to do some hardcore reviews and practice exams.

I finished all readings 2 months ago and currently going through the CFAI EOC and examples. I have not touched the Schweser EOC problems yet, and I’ve read comments from candidates on their 2nd attempt to use Schweser as a supplymentary source instead of a primary learning tool.

However,  I feel really behind right now! Currently putting in 2-3 hours every day during weekdays and 6+ hours on each weekend day. Just finished the first book (sadly… due to the difficulty and confusion of Quants + Econ) and now just starting to go through FRA.

My only regret was not going through the examples and EOC problems at the end of each chapter - skimming through the books for a “first time readthrough” did not help me at all…I couldn’t retain anything I read and realized I really needed to plow through some practice problems. Quite frankly, I’m not sure if I should continue going through ALL the blue box examples and I’m currently contemplating if I should just skip to EOCs in both CFAI text and Schweser.

What would you guys recommend? should I skip the BB’s? i feel like those examples are VERY helpful to my understanding, but at the same time I know that these questions would not appear in the exam in such a format. It just requires way too much repetitive calculations.

The first skim is absolutely not a waste. The underlying understanding is invaluable but not easily measureable when you forget the fine details. When I’m learning a new word in a foreign language, I forget it with 5 minutes. Then relearn, and forget within 1 a day, then relearn and forget withing a week…..

In your position I would take a mock to assess exactly what requires further study and what part is solid in your mind. This will easily limit which BB and EOCs you have to do. With so much to cover, study efficiency is the winning trait.

And when reading, just try to keep your learning as active as possible. Like try to imagine yourself in a job where what your learning is useful. Think of what problems you will have and how you will profit from your new understanding. The closer you get to the exams, the harder this is, due to pressure.. but you are miles ahead of most candidates.

I’m on R34 now, but I hope to speed up the preparation.

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Aliandr wrote:

I’m on R34 now, but I hope to speed up the preparation.

My favourite thread on L2 forum.

Thanks OP smiley

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I’ve been reading the CFA curriculum and doing EoCs as I go, have just switched over to Wiley Elan now for the last two readings I need to do: PM and Derivatives.

Hoping to be done all my readings by April 2nd so I have two months to re-do EoCs and start Mocks. Hopefully on track, I’m quite overwhelmed by the volume of material, and feel like I don’t remember anything from Quants, Econ, FRA, etc…. hopefully not the only one in this boat!

Finished my last reading last night.  Think I’m gonna go through FRA and Equity again for fun.

That’s all this really is.  Just a whole lot of fun.

i’m through Volumes 1-4 on first read, started with 5 (Alt Inv) yesterday.  Aiming to be finished first read in a couple weeks (i’m not currently working).

-I’m actually quite surprised at the amount of overlap so far from Level 1.  As I’ve said, I’m only through about 65-70% of the material, but so far I’m not seeing what’s so crazy about Level 2.  Quant was quite different, but the other topics seemed to just build on Lev 1 and regurgitate a lot of it as well. 

I finished all books and completed the revisions…I was doing well in problems. But when I do mock exams I just mess them up - it seems I understant the topics (and I really do) but when it comes to mock exams I just doing horrible. I guess level II is all about practicing…

I have read all of Schweser except Ethics once, made notes for everything, done all Schweser EOCs for all readings except PM. Still feel like I know nothing?!!?

@TorontoGuy, right there with you buddy! 

Just finished my review, which consisted of doing all CFAI EOCs. Tonight, I’ll look over my critical concepts and forumla sheets. Tomorrow, I’ll take my first practice exam. This is going to be bad as I don’t remember the details, even after doing all CFAI EOCs. 55% would be a miracle…

Finished a couple of weeks ago. Done a quick review of the curriculum emphasizing the important areas, and done my first mock this weekend (Schweser 1): 60%.

Not bad given that there is time to go and that I misread a lot of questions which hopefully will not happen in the exam. On the positive side, above 65% in FRA, Eq, Ethics and CF. <50% in Derivatives, Fixed Income and Quants though…

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Hi All,

Completed with all Readings. Reading again all the notes I created and solving CFAI EOC..Planning for Mocks from May 1st till May 15 and then revision of notes again and solving those problems which i couldnt solve it. I would never like to give Mock before revising all the topics once because if I score less than 60%, I am sure my confidence will certainly go down…Applied similar methodology in Level 1. 

Finished all of the readings and did all of the Schweser EOCs as I did the readings.. Then completed all of the CFAI EOC questions.. Then re-did all of the Schweser EOCs which i finished up this week. Past couple of days have been reviewing FRA.. Taking my first mock on Saturday.