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For those who passed level 2, how many off days you take before an exam date?

"You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me." (Thanos - Endgame)

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Two for me.

Zero planned days.  I usually end up throwing in the towel at around 5pm the day before, but that day is usually all I can get off from work so it has to be put to use.  I’ve always been a bit envious of those who take a full week or two prior to the exam.

I took off the full week before the exam.  Fortunately it doesn’t count towards my vacation days, but is study time the company gives anyone studying for any level of the exam.

Level 1, took Friday off before.

Level 2, took Wednesday through Friday off.

i had the week off. 

I took the whole week off. It paid off.

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2 weeks..I’m sure that pushed me from a band 8 to pass

Two weeks as wanted to play it safe. Would have taken one in hindsight.

Two weeks  (One week was Vacation and Second was paid study time).

thanks for all the response guys…

i also can only get 2 days.

will try to get 1 week off for next year.

"You could not live with your own failure. Where did that bring you? Back to me." (Thanos - Endgame)

Zero, band ten. :/

0 days. Actually what  matters is what you do during the entire  preparation period not  few days before the exam. 

Samuraicode wrote:

0 days. Actually what matters is what you do during the entire preparation period not  few days before the exam.

Agreed but for those of us on the cusp, a few extra days would’ve helped (if only to read the ethics portion).

I took a week off plus the Memorial day holiday.

2.5 Weeks for me.

I got lucky and just finished up a very hectic 80-90 hour a week project. So boss man gave me paid time off to study for my exam. I owe that man many drinks!

2 weeks

Two weeks off. It was worth it

2 weeks off and studied fulltime, passed btw so totally worth it.

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Took one week and spent 12 hours a day at the library doing practice problems. I wouldn’t change a thing in hidsight. A study group helps keep the morale up during this time, I definitely recommend it.

The Friday before the exam, all I did was re-read the schweser slide decks to refresh my memory and rewrite formulas over and over.

Then start studying early, if you would be unable to get much time off work. L2 is a very strange animal.

2 weeks and it paid off!

Took 3 days and needed every bit of them to creep past L2. As others have mentioned, you can get away with none if you’re ahead of the game and feeling comfortable. Even if I were feeling comfortable, I wouldn’t want to even chance having to go through it again. 3 days of PTO is well worth avoiding several months of studying for a retake. I’d have taken a full 5, but with my role that’s not easy to do.

I took off the week prior plus the two days before the weekend. It helped that Monday was a work holiday. I am pretty confident that I would have failed without this time. I hit the topic tests hard.

Last week of May I took 3 days off and it really helped. Started studying in November - March at a leisurely pace. End of March - June 4th went hard. Was well prepared and was doing mocks/EOCs/TT’s all May and those extra few days were nice to grind some more material.

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1 week. Use wisely and try to crank out 80-100 hours in that time though. I think there is 80 + topic tests which are taken from old CFAI mocks. Do each of those 2 -3 times and EOCs in Jan - May. Do Kaplan and Wiley mocks mid April/ early May. Do the 2017 CFAI mock 2-3 weeks out. Then late April onward focus exclusively on CFAI material. Redo all the topic tests another 2-3 times each again. CFAI topic tests are a little harder than the real thing IMO. Where as Kaplan is easier and Wiley only has two mocks so hard to tell. I would write out each problem in a composition book and filled up 2 books with problems.  

2 months of heavily reduced hours  (self employed)

1 week - 100% worth it

No day off. Just kidding, one week and then get back to work.

Took four days and worked from home the 5th.

Thank you,
Pelumi Ogunlana

2 weeks off.

Probably won’t do that again because I book it in Jan, and all winter/spring I knew I had a Hail Mary at the end.

Got 4.5 week’s vacay so will take maybe 1 week next year. Half of it is just so you’re not distracted at work – cannot imagine doing good work 3 days before writing L2 or L3.